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    Pear Cider 30L Keg

    An authentic dry cider, made with real apples and sweet Bartlett pears.

    This award-winning gluten free pear cider is a light, bubbly, oasis of refreshment in your day. Made from a mix of fragrant, sweet European apple varieties and the Okanagan's best Bartlett pears. What can we say it's pure deliciousness in a can. 
    SKU: K24003
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    Products specifications
    Category Ciders
    Container Type Keg
    ABV 5.5%
    Sub-Category Dry Cider
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    All natural, and batch brewed. Our Brew master doesn't cut any corners and in this beer you'll find a pale lager, brewed with the highest quality of ingredients including selected Willamette hops. No additives, unpasteurized…this is a pure malt beer.
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    Rose Cider 6 x 330ml Bottles

    An authentic dry cider, made with real apples and natural rose wine flavors.

    A beautiful light pink rose cider that is both fruity and floral. Made with fresh pressed Kelowna apples, and natural rose wine flavors with hints of vanilla and cinnamon to create a sophisticated bubbly cider, that rivals any rose wine. Naturally gluten free.
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    Traditional Ale 12 x 330ml Bottles

    An English style brown ale.

    A recipe gone untouched since Big Rock's founding. Toasty malt and sweet caramel up front, Big Rock Traditional Ale finishes with a nutty flavor, medium creamy carbonation and mild hop bitterness.
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